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Our founder, Louis B. Colameco III, started Wellshire Farms in 1996 for one reason: he was concerned that his children were eating over processed meats with no health benefits or nutritional value. Louis knew that, in order to live well, his children must eat well. With that philosophy, he began Wellshire Farms, the best representation of high quality, minimal ingredient, all natural meat products.


  • Always All Natural
  • Always Animal Friendly
  • Always Transparent Ingredients
  • No Antibiotics Ever
  • No Growth Hormones
  • No Preservatives
  • No Added Nitrates or Nitrites
Less is More
How are the animals raised for our family brand products treated?

All animals are raised humanely, range and stress free on small family farms. Animals are given indoor and outdoor access, weather permitting.

What are the animals that are raised for our products fed?

They are fed an all natural vegetarian diet.  The animals raised specifically for the Wellshire brand & for grass-fed products eat wild and planted grasses, as well as alfalfa. The animals always have access to clean, fresh drinking water. There are no animal by-products, hormones or antibiotics in their diet.

How are the animals used in our Wellshire products harvested?

The comfort of the animals, both during their time spent on the farm and during harvesting, is a priority for Wellshire and our partners. It is in the best interest of the harvesting facilities to continue ensuring the animals raised for the family of brand products remain relaxed because a stressed animal affects the quality of the meat. The animals raised for the family of brand products are continually under the regulatory oversight of the USDA from the time they leave the farm through harvest.

What kind of quality control does Wellshire have in place for their family of brands?

Independent third party auditors monitor all aspects of operations at the farms, harvesting facilities and processors that make up Wellshire's operations.

Seven Well-Op Principles

Wellshire was inspired to create the Well-Op concept, after learning the 7 business principles of a Cooperative, more commonly known as Co-Op. A cooperative exists for the benefits of its members and they may also support other parts of the community thorough various programs and philanthropic activities as part of the commitment to cooperative values.

We discovered that out of the 7 business principles of a Co-Op, Wellshire Farms meets the criteria for six and a half principles.

Voluntary and Open Membership (Click here for details)
Wellshire is a nondiscriminatory company. We specifically look for vendors who are able to work together as a team and work efficiently and employees to fit into our small “family” that will contribute ideas and respect each others opinions.
Democratic Member Control (Click here for details)
Wellshire has weekly meetings to incorporate employees into all aspects of the company. We keep in close contact with each vendor partner to make decisions that will best benefit our company and our relationship with each partner.
Member Economic Participation (Click here for details)
Wellshire invests capital in vendor production. We may buy machinery for our vendor partners and/or provide financial assistance when necessary. Although the immediate Wellshire staff does not have economic participation, we feel that we give each employee an opportunity to act as an entrepreneur.
Autonomy and Independence (Click here for details)
Both Wellshire personnel and the vendor partners make all decisions together. There are no management positions in Wellshire; each employee is self-managed and self motivated.
Education, Training, and Information (Click here for details)
Each new employee is trained in his or her specified field. They are given the opportunity to attend ongoing seminars to increase their knowledge of the food industry. Wellshire sets high standards individually as a company and expects the same from each vendor partner.
Co-Operation among Co-Operatives (Click here for details)
Wellshire Farms is very proud to work alongside local farmers, vendor partners, and co-operatives. We also meet the needs of consumers by ensuring that products are available for them to bring to their homes nationwide.
Concern for Community (Click here for details)
We are involved in many events to benefit the local community. We have numerous fundraisers throughout the year as well as donating meat products and financial sponsorships to many local and national events when needed. We started our own charity for the Barbara A. Colameco Cancer Transportation Fund with an Oncologist in Philadelphia, where all the funds provide transportation for patients to get their treatment. We also participate in fundraisers locally such as the Swedesboro-Woolwich Car Show, where we provided the trophy for the grand prize winner, and Ride for Autism Speaks, where our president Lou Colameco and friends rode motorcycles from Camden to Atlantic City, NJ.

Wellshire Farms is proud to announce that its President and Owner, Louis B. Colameco, III has been elected to sit on the Board of Directors for Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia. Lou is looking forward to making a difference and helping the people of South Jersey and Philadelphia with disabilities or disadvantages achieve their potential through work. Colameco stated, “He is very proud to sit on the board of such an integral and essential program to the people of South Jersey and Philadelphia. I am honored and thrilled to be a part of such a well respected, staple of the community.” There is no one who is a better fit given Colameco’s spirit of giving. Through his company, Wellshire Farms, he gives product and financial assistance daily to people in need, local and high school sports teams and clubs, medical awareness walks and causes, local police departments and civic associations.