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Louis B. Colameco III, Founder 1996

Wellshire is all about family. That’s why we’re honored so many of you choose to serve your families our all natural and organic products.

We strive to incorporate a sense of family and community in every aspect of our work. From situating our offices in a repurposed farm house in southern New Jersey, to choosing to do business with family owned facilities and farmers who hold the same values we do.

Wellshire got its start in 1996, when our founder, Louis B. Colameco III, grew concerned that his children were eating over processed meats, packed with chemicals and no health benefits nor nutritional value.

Lou knew that to live well, his children must eat well. Keeping that philosophy in his mind and his heart, Wellshire was born.

To this day, we remain committed to going above and beyond industry standards of natural and organic, and believe Wellshire is the best representation of high quality, minimal ingredient, all natural meat products.

Wellshire believes you should know what you’re putting on your kitchen tables. That’s why we guarantee the Less is More promise.

  • No Antibiotics Ever
  • No Growth Hormones
  • No Preservatives
  • No Added Nitrates or Nitrites
  • Always All Natural
  • Always Animal Friendly
  • Always Transparent Ingredients
Less is More
Animal Friendly

We know that ensuring animals are raised with dignity and care is not only important to us, but important to you, too. As valued customers, you can always contact our team and ask us anything. Below are some frequently asked questions that we think you’ll find helpful.

How are the animals raised and treated?

All animals are raised humanely, in stress free environments, free to roam on family owned farms. Wellshire is mindful of changes in weather, so animals are provided access to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

What do the animals eat?

All animals are fed an all natural, vegetarian diet.  The animals’ diets include both wild and planted grasses, and grains. The animals always have access to fresh drinking water. There are no animal by-products, hormones or antibiotics in their diet.

How are the animals harvested?

The comfort of the animals, both during their time spent on the farm and during harvesting, is a priority for Wellshire and our partners. It is in the best interest of the harvesting facilities to continue ensuring the animals remain relaxed, as a stressed animal affects the quality of the meat. The animals raised for Wellshire remain under the regulatory oversight of the USDA from the time they leave the farm through harvest.

What kind of quality control does Wellshire have in place?

Independent, third party auditors monitor all aspects of operations at the farms, harvesting facilities and processors that make up our entire operation.

Here's to a greener world, from our Family to Yours!