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I purchased one of your products, is it fully cooked? (Click here for details)
As per USDA regulations, if a product is not fully cooked, there must be safe handling instructions listed on the label. If there are no safe handling instructions present, then that product is fully cooked.
Why are over processed meats bad for the health of my family? (Click here for details)
Briefly stated, over processed meats include substances such as nitrites, phosphates, food starches, food by-products, antibiotics, growth stimulants, and MSG. In many instances, these substances can have an adverse effect on mental and physical health of some children and adults. At Wellshire Farms, our products are 100% All Natural and contain no ingredients that are chemically abstracted.
What is Third Party Auditing and how does it assure Wellshire Farms products are top quality? (Click here for details)
All aspects of our operation, from farmer to processor, are audited by an independent third party company to assure the highest quality products available. The third party is an added insurance to the consumer that every aspect of the production meets the highest standards of excellence
I noticed that some of your products have no water added. How is that beneficial? (Click here for details)
Having no water added to our products is beneficial for a number of reasons. First, in our packages you are getting more meat for your money. If even 10% water was added to the package, that would be 10% less meat product you are buying. Secondly, in our packages, you get more meat to eat. You will get fuller on 2 oz. of our meat products where it would take 2.6 oz of another product to fill you up. This also means more protein is being absorbed. Thirdly, the meat is not diluted in any way. Lastly, when our meat products are cooked, there is no excess water so the product just simmers in its own natural juices and seasoning.
Is there MSG in any of your products? (Click here for details)
No, there is no MSG in any of our products. Some people argue that the autolyzed yeast in some of our products is MSG. Autolyzed Yeast is a naturally occurring ingredient. The USDA does not define this as MSG.
What does "uncured" and "cured" mean? (Click here for details)
As per the USDA, any food items that typically contain sodium nitrate are considered cured items. When nitrites and nitrates are not present they must be labeled as uncured. This is why our ingredients statements say "seasoned with" instead of "cured with".
How do you ship your products online? (Click here for details)
Products are shipped refrigerated in cooler boxes with ice packs via UPS. Wellshire does not profit off of shipping, we use UPS Standard Shipping charges. We only offer Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air for all online orders. If you are within 2 days ground shipping, we would adjust it here and charge UPS Ground pricing.
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How long is my product good for after opening? (Click here for details)
We recommend using our products within 5-7 days after opening
How long can I freeze your products? (Click here for details)
We recommend freezing our products up to 6 months.
How do I properly store my bacon after opening it? (Click here for details)
We recommend storing it in an airtight bag or container that will prevent air from getting into the product.
What exactly is gluten and how could it have an adverse affect on my child? (Click here for details)
Gluten is a protein and one of the main triggers for a digestive condition called Celiac's disease. Gluten is found in foods made with wheat, barley, and rye. When someone has food sensitivity to gluten, there is a reaction that can cause damage to the small intestine. The damage to the small intestine could lead to malabsorption of nutrients which in turn could cause behavioral and health issues by not allowing the child or adult the proper nutrition they require.
How can I be sure that my product is free of allergens? (Click here for details)
All of our vendor partners comply to a strict allergen control policy in which all machinery used to produce our products is completely washed down with a hot water rinse before and after production.
How are our animals treated? (Click here for details)
All animals raised for Wellshire Farms are raised on family friendly farms range and stress free. They are fed an all natural vegetarian diet. We have an independent third party monitor these farms as well.