In 1993, Louis B. Colameco III and Louis B. Colameco Jr. formed a partnership in the state of New Jersey entitled "Yorkshire Farms". The company started by selling spiral sliced hams and other processed meats in Cape May County Industrial Park, Rio Grande, NJ. Yorkshire Farms sold products such as fully cooked, no nitrite half chickens, and sausages produced using antibiotic free meat and no chemicals or preservatives in processing. All production and packaging was performed in a Yorkshire Farms, USDA approved plant. 


The partnership was amicably dissolved on December 31, 1995 over a growing difference of vision. Louis III became increasingly interested in the all-natural market while Louis Jr. intended to remain in more mainstream, conventional markets.


Lou Colameco III established Yorkshire Farms in 1996 as a sole proprietorship because he wanted his own family to eat well. Select premium products made included Uncured Hot Dogs, Uncured Bacon, and Uncured Spiral Hams for the holidays. Other products added were All Natural Chunk Turkey Breast and All Natural Turkey Bacon. Yorkshire offered the first website/mail order business in the all-natural market.  At the start of the company, Yorkshire Farms had only 3 employees.


In 1997, the first all-natural refrigerated products were introduced to the public. Prior to this time, the products were frozen then allowed to thaw and sell-by dates were placed on the packages at the store level.


In 1998, Yorkshire Farms became the first all-natural company to go with exact weight products and total refrigeration with bar codes on every item. The same year, Yorkshire Farms became incorporated.


In 2000, Yorkshire Farms introduced the first fully cooked, all-natural gluten free breaded product, now known as Wellshire Kid's Dinosaur Shaped Chicken Bites.


In 2001, Yorkshire implemented the first online allergy database to help customers find safe, allergen-free products.  


On July 16, 2003, the company name and logo was changed from Yorkshire Farms to Wellshire Farms. The change was a fresh, new look that was received positively with stores and customers.  


In 2004, Wellshire moved our office to its current location at 509 Woodstown Road from the home of Louis III and family. Careful consideration and thought went into the location of our new office.  It was important to Lou that the office reflect the values of our company.  At our unique headquarters, all employees sit by a window. There are no cubicles. Hanging in the office is a sign that says “You Are Wellshire”, a reminder that we are an extension of the company every day and part of a family.  No job is too big or too small for any employee, including Lou.   


In 2006, Wellshire Farms became the first all-natural meat company to use High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) on sliced lunchmeats and other sliced items, leading a new path in preventing food borne illnesses.   The company also transitioned to a totally automated business system.


In 2007, Wellshire Farms dropped the "Farms" from the brand name and simply became "Wellshire". The Wellshire Family of All Natural Products was introduced. 


On January 1, 2008, Wellshire Farms made an exclusive agreement with Whole Foods Market to sell our Wellshire brand exclusively in their stores. The Wellshire brand can be found in all 50 states, as well as Canada under our export label Woodstown Farms.


Thanks to your support, we have grown from a small, homegrown company to a national corporation while still maintaining our beliefs. While we still operate as a small office of 22 employees, our extended Wellshire Family consists of our small family vendor partners, sales representatives and most importantly, our customers.  We strive to remain true to the core values that began the company.