Holiday Hams

Wellshire Farms offers a variety of authentic style hams perfect for your catering needs this holiday season. Each ham is carefully smoked and seasoned with a special blend of spices. All of our hams are all-natural, fully cooked and crafted from animals raised humanely that are fed a vegetarian diet free of any added antibiotics or hormones.

Heating Your Ham

Your Wellshire Farms ham is fully cooked and requires no cooking before being served. Overheating can dry the ham, however if you prefer to warm your ham prior to serving, please follow these instructions. Remove ham from outer foil wrapper and plastic bag. Preheat oven to 325° F. Place ham face down on rack in suitable sized roasting pan. Add 1/4" of water to bottom of pan to retain moisture. Cover ham with aluminum foil to prevent moisture from escaping. Using a scale of 7-8 minutes per pound, heat ham until internal temperature reaches 140° F. Check using standard meat thermometer.

Carving Tutorials

Below you will find carving instructions for our most popular holiday hams. These guides provide thorough instructions, perfect for making anyone a master carver!

Semi-Boneless Spiral Sliced

This red foil packaged ham is already sliced for your serving convenience. This ham is left with the center bone intact which enriches the ham with more flavor.


The shank and hip bone are removed meaning more meat for your money! The center bone is left which enhances the taste of the ham. For a personal touch, you can create your own glaze for this gold foil packaged ham which will also carve beautifully at table side for your guests.

Old Fashioned Boneless Semi-Boneless Ham

Turn back the hands of time and experience this old fashioned boneless ham, paired perfectly with your own unique glaze. In addition, this ham lays flat for added convenience when carving.

Serving Your Ham

Our Wellshire Holiday Hams are offered in various sizes to fit all of your entertaining needs. Please refer to the chart below to determine which size would be best for you and your family.

Semi-Boneless: 9lb Serves 18-22 guests
18lb Serves 36-44 guests
Boneless: 4lb Serves 12-16 guests
6lb Serves 18-22 guests
8lb Serves 24-30 guests
10lb Serves 30-36 guests

**Serving Sizes are Approximate

For more information on our Holiday Hams please visit our Seasonal Products page.

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