Wellshire Farms Testimonials & Reviews

"Just want to tell you how much we appreciate your products. We are a gluten-free, casein-free family and enjoy all of your products. Your Wellshire Kids line helps my kids eat right and enjoy all the foods that kids on a regular diet enjoy."
-- Jane: Wichita, KS
"Thank you so much for the samples of your turkey snack sticks that you sent for me to share with my celiac support group last night.  They were all very appreciative of the fact that not only are they gluten free, but they all natural and free of nitrates.  They said that they are the perfect thing to take along on trips this summer since they don’t spoil and are protein based instead of carbohydrate based.

Thank you again for your help."


-- Laura: Waynesboro, VA
"Your bacon bits, they're wonderful!  Really good for salads, chips, veggies
thanks so much for making this!"
-- Lisa: Shirley, NY
We've been purchasing your Dry Rubbed Bacon from Whole Foods in Plano, TX for the past five years. We think it's the best bacon we have ever eaten.  Thanks for providing to the public such a great product!!
-- Donna: TX
"I bought your bacon from Trader Joe's this week and prepared it this morning. There was virtually no fat and the slices were very large pieces of bacon that cooked up fantastically. Thanks for helping me start my 4th of July weekend right!"
-- Bill: Wayne, PA
"I recently purchased Wellshire Turkey Maple Sausage Patties for my family. I am very pleased with this product - I appreciate having the option of selecting and feeding my 18 month old daughter with such a healthy and delicious product!
-- Savi: Bolingbrook, IL
This is another sign of the quality products and services at Wellshire Farms. I am a pretty good cook, but I have found NO ham even living in Virginia now that surpasses the quality of yours. My gift to my extended family at holidays is always to bring a Wellshire Farm ham. My family is sodium sensitive, so your product is just marvelous! Thank you for your great work.
-- Sarah: Falls Church, VA
I buy the Wellshire pre-cooked salt cured bacon all the time for my family. They love it! I use it in my cheddar baked potatoes, turkey club sandwiches, bacon cheeseburgers, etc. (and sometimes I confess I just put two slices on a paper plate & microwave it & eat it just by itself.)
-- Karen: Schaumburg, IL
 I just wanted to compliment you on one of your products: your beef bacon. Beef bacon is very hard to find these days and yours tastes just wonderful! I also love the fact that it is uncured and all natural, which means your company strives to produce health-conscious and high-quality products. Thank you again for your delicious products!!!
-- Beth